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Compatible with Magento 1.3.x - 1.9.x and Magento 2.0.x - 2.1.x.

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What customers say about Product Manager For Magento

Every Magento store owner should buy this by Andrew -

Since discovering this software, it has revolutionised my relationship with Magento. Its fast and incredibly effective for all of your product management needs. After a quick connection to the Magento server, everything can be done locally on your desktop using either the Mac or PC client. Its blisteringly fast and you only touch your server again when you need to update your changes to Magento. You can re-arrange and configure the interface to exactly what you want to see and how you want to work and it makes product management on Magentio fast and efficient allowing you to easily do things that you just can't achieve using the Magento interface alone. Benabee is still actively developing this product with an agressive roadmap shedule that will make it the ultimate must-have Magento application. It literally saves hours of frustration and allows you to easily spot inconsistancies in your product data. If nothing else, just try the demo and you'll be like me - reaching for your credit card. Given the amount of work in this program, its an absolute bargain.


Magnificent! Makes Complicated...Simple! by carcapco (Magento Connect)

As a relatively new Magento user I was surprised at the complexity and tedious nature of creating a new product, entering all of the data and then uploading it. The effort to constantly move images around, change pricing, tweak text, even track image names and their associate SKU's is daunting. Reluctantly, looked at various programs that could help simplify the process and came across Benabee's Product Manager. WOW! Best Find of the Year! This program installed in a flash and we can edit, tweak, move, change products, all in just a few seconds. Operates exactly like Excel but better. We can see the images of the item we are editing (that alone is fantastic). This took what was easily 5 hours of work and let me accomplish it in 30 minutes. Changing a product is mere seconds. Truly has transformed a daunting time consuming procedure and makes it effortless. The Best Part was the support. Benabee's support is fantastic. We needed a feature and without asking, Benabee provided a quick fix that allowed us to stay productive and wrote that feature into the program over the weekend. Any questions were answered almost immediately. Cannot ask for better than that. Quality Program and a Quality Developer

Lifesaver by fijnbeddengoed (Magento Connect)

This is by far the most essential tool you need when working with magento. The days that you spend weeks in the backoffice adding or updating products are over. Buying this tools will save you so much time that it will earn itself back within days. I'm so glad i found this tool. There is a pc and mac version. I use the mac version and it works like a charm. All the features you miss when working with the backoffice of magento are in here. Especially the image editor is a bless. But only highlighting the image editor is not enough. This tool really improves your product manager in so many levels. You won't regret buying it. Even the support is outstanding. I have some questions upfront and they were answered with a few hours. I didn't need support with the tool because every thing worked flawless.

Must-have software for all Magento users! by Curt -

I'm the manager of e-commerce operations at my company, and my team and I discovered Product Manager a little over a year ago. It has saved us so much time it's hard to even imagine. Easily hundreds and hundreds of hours over doing things the old way. The Product Manager interface and functionality is incredibly fine-tuned and focused on efficiency. Tasks that took hours before can now be done in literally under a minute. Auditing product data and photos is super simple now and allows us to easily catch mistakes that simply would not have been seen otherwise. On top of the fantastic software, support has been top-notch. Literally the best developer I've dealt with in the Magento market. Questions are answered quickly, and feedback is actually put into action via regular software updates and improvements. It just keeps getting better!

Bottom line: don't hesitate. The software will almost immediately pay for itself in time savings. The only regret I have is that we didn't use it from day one. 

Best Tool for Merchants by Dfol (Magento Connect)

This product is by far the best thing for a merchant looking to manage their catalog with Magento. It will save you time and headaches.

The ability to see the category tree with the product and images in a grid is paramount to the business. Also, being able to customize the grid tabs and fields to what I need is perfect. 
The ease to search and filter for products, update content, copy and paste and push it back tot he admin and site is awesome and saves some much time that I am able to focus on other tasks.
Only one wish, the ability to download the entire catalog and content from here and the ability to upload to it. 
The support on this product is also the best I've come across!
I cannot recommend it enough.


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