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  1. 5 Stars! by Patrick

    We have been using this program for years and love it! Plus, any time we need assistance the help we receive is top notch. Thank you guys. (Posted on 6/25/24)

  2. Amazing software by J

    Product Manager makes everything so much easier for us. We can quickly and easily edit all product and category details without going to super slow magento 2 backend. (Posted on 2/12/24)

  3. what a great magento tool by Ramon Grasscity

    We've been using Benabee for the last two years and it's by far the best magento tool out there. price management, category management and even content are so easy to handle with this tool. I would recommend this tool to every magento user (Posted on 2/7/24)

  4. Essential to our webshop by Randau

    Without Benabee/ PRoduct manager i would not be able to advance my business like we do now.. Managing product data had never been so easy! (Posted on 3/27/23)

  5. Glad this exists by Evan Fitzgerald

    I can't imagine navigating the Magento interface to do the tasks I need to do without a 3rd party software such as this. The developers are also very responsive to any concerns and take your feedback into consideration when implementing updates and new versions. (Posted on 4/22/22)

  6. Best Magento tool ever! by Claire

    I was devastated when facing to edit thousands of products in the superslow Magento product catalogue interface. So so so happy I found this tool! One of the best features is the possibility to copy and paste from excel sheets. And it's definitely a five-star-support. I can fully recommend the product manager and would definitely give a close look to any other Magento tool proposed by Benabee due to the outstanding customer experience so far. Thank you! (Posted on 2/9/22)

  7. Great tool by Nick

    Great tool (Posted on 10/21/21)

  8. Must-have magento extension for Magento store owners by KAR

    Must-have magento extension for maintaining your products. Advanced settings and functions easy and fast to use. Easily add products to your shop. I've Been Searching long time for an extension with these options, finally found it with "Product Manager for Magento" ! Also great support service from Benabee. Highly recommended! (Posted on 7/2/21)

  9. Great product and great support! by Bart

    We use the Product Manager for some years now and it works perfectly! The support is great, you always receive a quick and adequate answer. I can recommend this product to every Magento user! Hope there will come a WooCommerce version too in the future. (Posted on 7/2/21)

  10. Outstanding in every way! by Alex

    This is definitely a MUST HAVE for any Magento shop owner out there. Since day 1 we have been reaping the benefits Benabee provides us with.
    It has all the features you need, is extremely user friendly and comes with the highest level of personalised support we have ever experienced.
    Thank you Maxime and the Benabee team!

    We no longer experience any of the daily "Magento" frustrations and can execute daily work in a matter of minutes and clicks.
    Highly recommendable and worth every penny!!!
    (Posted on 7/1/21)

  11. Really top software by Alexandre

    We are running the software on a Magento 1.9 website. It works flawlessly. We manage several thousand articles and the tool is really very practical and saves precious time. Installation is child's play. Well done! (Posted on 4/12/21)

  12. Great Products Solve Problems by Ahmet Lütfü

    The ability to solve someone’s problem is what makes a product great, not the number of features it offers. And Product Manager does solve the right problem and offers loads of features that save you so much time. That's why it's a great product and it worths every penny you spend on it. Thank you, Benabee Team! (Posted on 7/10/20)

  13. Fast and Easy by Mads

    You did an amazing job with this software btw, its really a joy to work with, its so damn fast and easy compared to all other product managers i have tested. (Posted on 3/28/20)

  14. The Perfect Magento Product Tool by John Della

    Easy to install, run and use. Allows you to quickly review your product details - change/add/delete/copy/import/export with a few clicks of the mouse. Much faster than waiting for Magento screen to refresh. Support is great - even though we are down-under. I believe the product would pay for itself in the time saved using Product Manager compared to updates under Magento. (Posted on 8/30/19)

  15. Best Product and Quick Support by Lee

    I searched many other product edit tools, but this is best management tool for Magento. I'd like to recommend it to most Magento owner.

    You can set up your grid with your own attributes. After you adjust this program, It would be horrible to update & create products using Magento base admin page.

    Support is very nice. and consider customer's needs. So I also give 5 starts for this. (Posted on 1/10/19)

  16. A considerable saving of time in working life! by Laurent R.

    One of the best investments of my life as an entrepreneur to easily manage my product catalog. (Posted on 8/6/18)

  17. Saved me lots of time and i would be lost without this product manager. by Nander

    My old website showed some bugs after the magento 1.9.2 to 2.1 migration and i made the decision to go for a clean magento 2.2 install.
    I also wanted to delete all my categories and make new ones.
    I don't have many products (300) but the idea of assigning all products one by one to a new category made me look for alternatives.
    I first bought a another (cheaper) product manager from the magento marketplace but this was a big waste of time and money.
    I am really happy i found this extension. In my eyes the best product manager for Magento 2. And if you don't believe me. Try out the free demo just like i did and you can experience the product manager first hand. (Posted on 4/17/18)

  18. Product Manager for Magento by Ola

    This is the best program we have ever used or had. Excellent performance excellent support! We save tons of time when managing our magento products in Benabee. (Posted on 1/24/18)

  19. Glad we find this manager by Michal Shooos

    The best magento product manager. We have been looking for a product manager for a half a year, testing all kinds of options. This program makes mass changes in a seconds. The best thing is you can copy and past from excel or google sheets. (Posted on 11/22/17)

  20. Perfect module! by D. Borneman (Magento Connect)

    This module really helped us from day 1! We need to do big adjustments on a regular base and jobs that could take days before now are done in just a matter of minutes.
    For example we do price adjustments for a big amount of products (i.e. add 10%) this is now possible just by setting filters and applying the adjustment to all relevant products all at once! (Posted on 8/2/17)

  21. Its a MUST have software for ALL ecomerce sites selling online! by Ben

    Having migrated to Magento community edition 6 months ago, we struggled with the strenuous multi step process of updating our products. Benabee has saved us money and time. I wish we had of come across Benabee earlier. (Posted on 6/20/17)

  22. Amazing tool - saves me tons of time by Willsen (Magento Connect)

    We first tried the demo and found that a lot of our daily routines could be shortened in time. Its fast and intuitive and the support is very fast, friendly and instant! :-) (Posted on 5/31/17)

  23. Great! by Francois

    I simply love it. It saves us so much time and is easy to use.

    I could not imagine having to open products in Magento itself anymore :)

    Francois (Posted on 5/18/17)

  24. Saves us a lot of time by Daniel

    With this extension we work much more efficient then before. Highly recommends the extension and the support from the team. (Posted on 3/17/17)

  25. Absolute the best magento manager by D. Penders (Magento Connect)

    If you got a lot of products you can't miss this software. Works great, and has the best support there is!
    Software saves a lot of time when editing products, or even creating new products! (Posted on 2/20/17)

  26. Amazing! What a timesaver by Lori

    We purchased this product in hopes of speeding up the arduous task of adding images and price discounts. It has done that and SO MUCH MORE. I recommend highly. (Posted on 11/22/16)

  27. Great product and service by Eric_VT

    This is realy a great product ! Works as a standalone application on your local PC, not as a traditional extension. We needed a 'small' update, the developper was very helpfull and within a short period the update was ready and we were very happy ! 2 thumbs up !! (Posted on 9/1/16)

  28. Very helpful and time saving tool by Markus

    We are using the Product Manager since 2 years and are very happy with it. We are managing more than 6'000 products in two different languages and can save a lot of time because of Benabee. The tool is very intuitive to use and you can build your own custom views with all defined attributes for your products. We are using the Windows and Mac version which have the same functions. Never had a problem so far. Thank you so much Benabee!!! (Posted on 7/26/16)

  29. Better than all by JDO

    Exactly what we need.
    A perfect software, on OS X. (Posted on 7/7/16)

  30. Best Tool for Merchants by Dfol (Magento Connect)

    This product is by far the best thing for a merchant looking to manage their catalog with Magento. It will save you time and headaches.
    The ability to see the category tree with the product and images in a grid is paramount to the business. Also, being able to customize the grid tabs and fields to what I need is perfect.
    The ease to search and filter for products, update content, copy and paste and push it back to the admin and site is awesome and saves some much time that I am able to focus on other tasks.
    Only one wish, the ability to download the entire catalog and content from here and the ability to upload to it.
    The support on this product is also the best I've come across!
    I cannot recommend it enough. (Posted on 6/11/16)

  31. Best of its kind with excellent support! by JCole5 (Magento Connect)

    If you have a lot of products this program will pay for itself! Our store requires us to add 60 configurable products per day and the process would take much longer without this program.

    Simple setup, the interface is as easy to use as Excell, and the functionality is by far greater than the other solutions. Support is also excellent and very responsive. I would definitely recommend. (Posted on 5/4/16)

  32. Works Great Great! by Darrendunner (Magento Connect)

    This is by far the most advanced and easy to use product manager on the market, which of course includes free products.
    Its saved my time and efforts. Its really easy to work on any product by applying filters. Grid area make editing really easier.
    I love this tool and we going to buy one more license.
    Thanks (Posted on 4/19/16)

  33. Must-have software for all Magento users! by Curt -

    I'm the manager of e-commerce operations at my company, and my team and I discovered Product Manager a little over a year ago. It has saved us so much time it's hard to even imagine. Easily hundreds and hundreds of hours over doing things the old way. The Product Manager interface and functionality is incredibly fine-tuned and focused on efficiency. Tasks that took hours before can now be done in literally under a minute. Auditing product data and photos is super simple now and allows us to easily catch mistakes that simply would not have been seen otherwise. On top of the fantastic software, support has been top-notch. Literally the best developer I've dealt with in the Magento market. Questions are answered quickly, and feedback is actually put into action via regular software updates and improvements. It just keeps getting better!

    Bottom line: don't hesitate. The software will almost immediately pay for itself in time savings. The only regret I have is that we didn't use it from day one. (Posted on 4/19/16)

  34. Excellent Extension & Time Saving Tool !!! by Thefinalimage (Magento Connect)

    First of all I am extremely pleased with the Customer Service and Developer Support.
    This product allows me to add, update, and manage products quickly and efficiently.
    The time savings that this product provides is invaluable!!!
    Thank you Benabee! (Posted on 4/12/16)

  35. Your best friend during your daily work by Matteo

    Handle your catalogue using Product Manager for Magento is easier than drink a glass of water. This amazing tools allow you to be more flexible and make multiple changes at once increasing productivity.

    We definitely suggest to use this tool which will became your best friend during your daily work. (Posted on 3/22/16)

  36. Simple, intuitive and time saving! by Rudy

    I regret I didn't find this software earlier. We lost so much time editing products and categories before. Now with Benabee Product Manager this is no issue anymore. The software is simple and clean but very intuitive. Due to several views all needed product / category data is easily visible and editable in grid view.

    I really love that there is also a OSX version available. We will be using this product on a daily basis and save so much time, it's almost unbelievable. This sure is a must have. Many thanks to Benabee! (Posted on 3/10/16)

  37. Amazing product & support! by Aosvik (Magento Connect)

    Support is just super fast, not that it is needed since the product has worked flawlessly. It basically gives you more time to focus on the actual sales, as this product minimizes efforts that are needed to update product pages, categories and other content.
    This is a must have extension for all magento stores!
    (Posted on 3/3/16)

  38. Hugh time saver by Schweitzerp (Magento Connect)

    Product manager saves a huge amount of time editing products and prices as apposed to doing it in Magento. customer support is fantastic to. Ben has been very responsive and we liked the product so much we purchased additional licenses. Best money I have spend on a Magento extension in years. (Posted on 9/21/15)

  39. Will save you more than it costs period by Greg

    I had to pay someone to install it as that is not easy but as for using the product it is extremely easy and so much faster than the magento input methods. Great for seeing how everthing in a listing comes together. Saves time like squirrels save nuts. You will not be disappointed.
    Also some of the fastest tech service in the magento community. Thank you, I sincerely hope you create more modules you obviously know what you are doing and how to make a great functioning product. (Posted on 9/14/15)

  40. Cuts Processing Times to Minutes from Hours and Weeks! by Recycle (Magento Connect)

    We have a large catalog with thousands of products. Magento Product Manager works along side of the native Magento admin backend with a fully customizable tabbed spreadsheet type interface. The interface is amazing and very quick. It allows you to modify hundreds or even thousands of products with a 2 second cut, paste and save.
    The program has saved our team hundreds of hours in processing our product inventory within the first month,
    It saves you time in a variety of ways. It loads your entire product catalog and then allow you to filter and then modify any field by cutting and pasting like excel. I have updated 15,000 products in less than 1 minute.
    Also the developer is very responsive to suggestions and feature upgrade requests. He also goes out of his way to help you with best practices in using the program to save you time.
    I urge you to download the free trial and try it yourself. I know you will not be disappointed and will want the full version right away. It will save you a lot of money in saved labor and efficiency of your business operations. (Posted on 9/1/15)

  41. This Product Manager is Awesome by Ilker Satir, World of Body Team

    We love this software. We have hundreds of hours saved with this software. Stop thinking and buy this software. Thats worth every cent. We updated almost 1000 products within three days. There is not much to say : THIS PRODUCT MANAGER IS AWESOME! (Posted on 5/14/15)

  42. Excellent time saver by Freshwebs (Magento Connect)

    I would recommend this programme for merchants and experienced Magento agencies who need to update multiple products on a regular basis.
    I had to update nearly 400 products because the previous manager had set the template in the Custom Design on every product. Imagine doing that individually in the Magento admin UI!
    With this programme I was able to cut n paste a la Excel into multiple rows in one operation, updating 40 odd records in one go. It took me less than an hour to buy the programme, install (Mac) and then update the products.
    This is not a normal extension - you install & run it on your PC/Mac. This means it's faster than using the Magento admin UI.
    Could do with better documentation but generally speaking its easy to use - especially if you know Magento.
    Used on Magento CE (Posted on 5/4/15)

  43. Productivity Gain - Essential All-in-One Tool ! by Perthmatth

    Thanks to Product Manager, I save a lot of time managing my Magento e-commerce site. Now, it takes me only a few seconds to change a price on a range of products or to change the stock status ! The new version is really great ! The pdf export is top. The software is reactive, copy paste is convenient and the indexing time is minimal compared to the time saved. For me it is an indispensable tool. The seriousness and availability of the developer are to report, it is also part of the service ;-) Thank you Benabee! (Posted on 4/28/15)

  44. Stop looking, just buy it! by Jaime

    If you are looking, then you probably have a huge headache like i have over the hassle it is to manage products, this extension is so easy to use and maxime is always available for support.

    Worth every penny.

    Thank you benabee, keep up the good work

    Au revoir. (Posted on 3/24/15)

  45. Usability, Formatting and AppIe OSX by Pedro

    I was a store manager user for some time, however the usability and configuration were not the easiest, not to mention that it was not possibile to use it on my Mac.
    I bought the Benabee Product Manager and stay completely amazed with the capabilities of writing descriptions so easly maintaining the same format, able to copy the meta descriptions with a single key game and how is easy and interactive to get all your products online with a single move. Very good product at a fair price.
    Thank you now I can use my Mac, congratulations and keep up the good work. (Posted on 3/11/15)

  46. Huge timesaver by BicycleRoots (Magento Connect)

    Huge time saver. I love that this is a desktop app. Update all your products from the desktop instead of the admin panel. No need to upload/download anything manually from the server, no need to run Import/Export profiles. I'm happy to report this plugin works as described. I had some trouble installing it, but customer support responded to my emails promptly and I was able to get it up and running within a couple of days. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/10/15)


    Project Manager is simply the best investment I have ever made with our Magento store. Now that I have used it for several months and learned more of the features, I have to say I don’t see how I got by without it. Updating inventory takes literally 1/10th the amount of time it used to without Product Manager. Editing products or spot checking inventory is a breeze. The investment made me hesitate in purchasing this, but it has been the best investment to date. It’s stable, never freezes or crashes, and doesn’t slow our website down at all (unlike our previous “advanced product manager” by a different company which slowed our website down TERRIBLY). Give product manager a try and within one week of using it and learning the features, you will realize the enormous amount of time it saves. When managing a website, time is valuable and accuracy is key. The cost of this is a drop in the bucket for what it provides and the time it saves. The best part is it works on Mac OS X, which is all we use. (Posted on 3/7/15)

  48. Extension is gr8 m8, i r8 8/8 by Chocobonl (Magento connect)

    Not your usual extension; it is a separate program you can run locally on your machine. This is great.

    These are two of the features I found extremely worthwhile:
    - Since you run a local application page loading is eliminated, this alone saves you a lot of time.
    - The spreadsheet allows for easy copy-pasting across products.
    - Plays nice with my other extensions.
    While the setup was straightforward to me, I have had contact with the developer extensively for other questions prior to purchasing the software. Response time was short, answers were to the point. Everything you'd hope for.

    Magento is great
    Product management is not
    Hello Benabee (Posted on 2/26/15)

  49. You're looking or you wouldnt be here - stop shopping around, you've found it! by Allan

    If you prefer waiting for Magento product pages to load while you sit in front of your computer with nothing but your patience, then this software isn't for you.

    If you love repetitive tasks such as copying and pasting from one browser tab to another while waiting for Magento product pages to load, then this software isn't for you.

    If you desire static pages of attributes buried deep within Magento's product pages with zero ability to reprioritize the data according to your business model, then this software isn't for you.

    If you answered yes to any of the above, you're not the right customer for this product so go away. (I'm a customer, I can say that)

    If you're here however because you're looking for a better solution to managing Magento product data like I was, then look no further, this is truly it.

    Ben is also great at providing support and answering questions during setup. The whole experience has been excellent and I am happy to provide a well deserved review as my way of saying thanks for making my life easier.

    -Add to Cart, do it now (Posted on 12/16/14)

  50. Amazing software with the best support I've ever had by James

    I love this software, It saves me a huge amount of time creating and editing listings in my Magento store. I had a few issues (due to my lack of magento skills) and the customer support was fantastic. Ben went out of his way to help me. Even for an issue that was not related to his software he was patient and detailed in his communications. I would recommend product manager and Benabee 100% (Posted on 11/12/14)

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